SKU Plugs is a global leader in providing service Point of Sale ( POS ) Integration Enhance the power of your Point Of Sale to develop a new business


Our innovative web omni-channel a cloud-based processor provides a solution that integrates tightly into their existing in-store retail management system with different Marketplaces and their own e-commerce platform.

A Retail Point of Sales (POS) could be a system that records money transactions in stores. The system generally includes a pc, a monitor, electronic cashbox systems, touch-screen show, receipt printer, mag tape readers, client show and a bar-code scanner. It also can embody a weight scale, integrated mastercard process system, a signature capture device and a client pin pad device. additional Fancy IntegrationAmazon IntegrationSouq Integration , farfetch integration easy to work and additional system monitors use touch-screen technology for easy use and a pc is made in to the monitor chassis.

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